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Social Login Ultimate

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Social Login Ultimate minimizes guest login through our social quick login and registration instead of the default Opencart login. Social quick login buttons automatically register and quickly login for your customer. This module is essential for satisfying customers by saving time, and for that professional store functionality and look!

  • Complete real customer database by MUCH quicker login

    Social Login Ultimate will automatically register and quickly login from Social Login Ultimate buttons. It supports many popular services such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, Google Plus, Yahoo, Instagram. Not only those popular networks but also new social network or services will appear coming soon, more than 20. It's so easy for customers to choose their favorite services for signing up.
  • Optional group customer selection to clear database

    Customer groups are necessary for when your big store has many user accounts with no easy management. This extension supports dividing customers into small groups based on services to easily make report statistics and open broadcast campaigns.
  • Highly text buttons and popup location customization

    This extension can edit both text, icon, size and CSS for buttons and popup. In addition, you can sort order buttons location to suit your preferences. And you can choose your own page for appearance.
  • Alert filling popup continously by keeping login session

    As above, quick login buttons for social networks and services is convenient for your customers to sign up for accounts. However, customer information from your database may be lacking because of social network configs. For this, this extension allows showing or not special reminder features to your customers in every pages which they visit, by our popup alert based on current session.
  • Allow customizing CSS yourself and insert anywhere

    Social Login Ultimate supports debug mode to detect errors from your custom CSS. In addition, you can insert to tpl Opencart core files to be even more effective. However, this requires knowledge about Opencart.
  • User experience

    Social Login Ultimate makes your customers happy when it appears on convenient position such as homepage, popup login, account, and checkout page. People don't't usually want to spend too much time on registration to buy products, and it makes it so convenient to revisit your stores again.
  • Responsive

    Social Login Ultimate interacts with OpenCart theme. In fact, your videos or reviews can be watched neatly in most popular devices without any compatibility problems.
  • Multi stores

    Social Login Ultimate has fully basic option in setting multi stores. No problems in managing and uninstalling modules out of all stores.

Why do you need this module?

Social Login Ultimate supports Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, Google Plus, Yahoo, Instagram, Tumblr, Bitbucket, Github, Disqus, Mailchimp, Vkontakte, Yandex and login with many login buttons on essential pages. Truly satisfy your hardest customers by conveniently saving time on registration.

Release: 04/05/2015
Version v1.0


Release: 13/06/2015
Version v2.0

Fix bugs

Release: 01/07/2015
Version v3.0

- added option redirect page after login

    + from logout page

    + from anther

Release: 14/10/2015
Version 3.3


- facebook login doesn't get email 

- Popup requirement form

- Update new library

- Update for Opecanrt 2.1.x

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Software platforms Opencart
Change core databases Complete none
OCMod Support for Opencart v2.x or later
Modifies or override core files Complete none
Multi stores Yes
Multi languages Yes
Custom Opencart (code,theme) No guarantee
Mijoshop Compatibility No
Single Domain license: $39.00

Total Price: $39.00

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