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Installation document for One-Page Checkout PRO- quick & elegant



Installed and activated VQMOD
How to install VQMOD
v2.5.1 or later to run
Set CHMOD 777 folder Your_root_shop/vqmod/xml
How to set CHMOD
Check if you get error

 Please make sure you have checked above requirements.

1. Upload

1. Upload

Unzip downloaded package and choose exact folder module  for your Opencart version.


After extracted you got

  • Checkout One OC v1.5.x_v3.3_VQMOD  => Checkout One Opencart version 1.5.x (1.5.1 to _ module version 3.3 _ VQMOD
  • Checkout One OC_v2.3.x  => Checkout One Opencart  version  2.3.x (all Opencart version 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.3.3, .. ) _ module version 4.3 _ OCMOD 
  • Checkout One => Checkout One Opencart  version  2.x (all Opencart version 2.0  to 2.2) _ module version 4.1 _ OCMOD 

Check folder (admin, catalog, image) with your Upload to root shop folder as image 1.

Upload above folders (inside folder Upload to root shop folder) to your Opencart root directory.

Image 1

2. Add permission

Go to your admin page:

  1.  go to your shop admin (e.g: http://{your_domain}/admin) and login

  2. In Main menu select System ➔ Users ➔ User Group 

  3. Click edit your user group name (Opencart default user group name is Administrator as Image 2.1).

Image 2.1

Next, check access permission, modify permission for Checkout One extension as image 2.2

3. Installation

Go to Extensions → Modules Find Checkout One and click install as image 3

4. Configuration


Checkout One  is now installed and configured. You can access it from Extensions > Module >  Checkout One then click Edit ]


5. Configurelation & Enjoy new extension

5. Configurelation & Enjoy new extension


That's almost complete. Thank you for your installation.

CLICK HERE For inform to Support Team if you get any troubles.