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Installation document for Request Quote when Product Zero Price

3. Installation

Go to Extensions ➔ Modules ➔ Click install Request Quote Product Zero Price as image 3.

Image 3

4. Configuration

Change Status into Enable and edit another settings as image 4.1.

Image 4.1

There are 3 optional types or all products selection for you.

You can combine one or both three types and exclude more popular products you need to show the price.

Image 4.2

1. Upload

Unzip downloaded package and choose exact folder for your Opencart version.

Then you will see the file Request Quote Product Zero Price OC v*.* - v*.* or only ***.ocmod.xml.

Go to your Opencart admin panel ➔ Extensions ➔ Extension installer.

Upload file *** or ***.ocmod.xml ➔ Continue as image 1.1.

Image 1.1

Go to Modifications ➔ Click clear ➔ refresh buttons as image 1.2. This will remove and regenerate new cache for extension.

Image 1.2

Image 1.3


Administrator permission for OCMOD
How to use OCMOD Opencart
Check if you get error
Set FTP configs and must enable it
How to setup FTP for Opencart
Require to upload

Please make sure you have checked above requirements.

2. Add permission

Login to your Opencart admin and go to System ➔ Users ➔ User Group.

Click edit your user group name (Opencart default user group name is Administrator as Image 2.1).

Image 2.1

Check both Access permission, Modify permission for Request Quote Product Zero Price as image 2.2.

Image 2.2

That's almost complete. Thank you for your installation.

CLICK HERE For inform to Support Team if you get any troubles.