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Installation document for Virtual Merchant payment gateway for Opencart

1. Upload

Method 1: Directly upload from only one file

Notice: You must extract downloaded zip file to get the installation file. File name must have the extension Virtual Merchant  OC v*.* - v*.*,

so you should not change the file name under any circumstances.

Firstly, go to your Opencart admin panel -> Extensions -> Extension installer -> Upload your file -> Continue

Method 2:

Secondly, you should go to Modifications -> Click refresh and clear buttons as per image below:

2. Add permission

Login to your Opencart admin panel and go to System → Users → User Group

Click edit your user group name (Generally, default user group name is Administrator as Image 2)

Image 2

 Next, check access permission, modify permission for  as image 2.1

Image 2.1

  •  extension/payment/virtualmerchantpro

3. Installation

Go to Extensions →   choose type   as image 3

Image 3

then  Find Virtual Merchant Pro and click install as image 3.1

4. Configuration


Virtual Merchant Pro is now installed and configured. You can access it from Extensions > type Payment> Virtual Merchant Pro then click Edit ]

5. Configure& Enjoy new extension

5. Configure& Enjoy new extension

That's almost complete. Thank you for your installation.

CLICK HERE For inform to Support Team if you get any troubles.