Bank Transfer Deposit

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'Bank Transfer Deposit' creates a friendly note about payment methods for your customers when they are making a purchase. Don't make your customers have to contact you to request paygate or some other banking transaction method. This module will remind them that you offer online or banking transactions!

  • Require upload transaction image invoice and ID code

    To complete a purchase, your customer can upload their scanning image invoice for you, and ID code. The extension 'Bank Transfer Plus' doesn't require the ID code for you if your customers prefer this.
  • Create friendly note about order ID for your customer

    'Bank Transfer Deposit' allows you to remind customers and yourself of order ID by variable {order_id} in config page.  Keep your customers happy!
  • Setup money total limitation and status after transaction

    Bank Transfer Deposit automatically calculates the total which includes tax and shipping to complete a transaction. It's convenient for both you and your customers.

Why do you need this module?

Bank Transfer Deposit is necessary to remind for banking service with highly setup. Your customer must upload their scanning image invoice to complete transaction and ID code to complete transaction. This extension improves customer experience very well.

Release: 20/04/2015
Version v1.0


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