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Sales Product Per Group helps you to set permission in buying some special products or all products. This makes people in specific customer groups really interested in your store to have particular access in that group to get special products. Setting permission for customer group doesn't influence SEO because any pages are also visible.

  • Require suitable account to buy products

    You will divide customer account into groups such as wholesales, retails. After that, only customers in that groups can add cart with special products if they do not login to your site. This makes sure that normal customers or guests can not add cart wholesales products though they can see on your webpage.
  • Unlimited customer group management

    You can set innumerable products without any trouble. It is specially good for the store which has many products to sell. And similar modules such as Login To See Special Price and Login To See Price are also good at this.
  • Neatly login popup

    Login Popup will appear professionally whenever a customer clicks to know special products. And the price only shows up if customer login into your store.
  • Highly customizable

    You can enable or disable this highly-useful extension whenever you want- and quickly. Also, you can completely edit login name and its color, optionally.
  • User experience

    Sales Product Per Group gives an incentive to those customers who want to know special prices from wholesales to compare with another store. Make your sales easier and faster for your specific customer groups!
  • Compatible

    Sales Product Per Group is  compatible with most customized themes. Please give technical data to us to get support as soon as possible.
  • Multi Stores

    Sales Product Per Group has fully basic option in setting multi stores. No difficulty in managing and uninstalling modules out of all stores.
  • Multi languages

    This module contains language files which can be replace in any category. It is so easy to clone the English package in your own language and modify to suit.

Why do you need this module?

Sales Product Per Group helps you to show some wholesales or special products without adding cart permission. This helps you to improve customer quality by making customer databases.

Release: 04/05/2015
Version v1.0

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Compatibility Default Opencart oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.6 , oc. , oc.1.5.5 , oc. , oc.1.5.4 , oc. , oc.1.5.3 , oc. , oc.1.5.2 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.1 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.0
VQMOD Yes, from VQMOD v2.5.1 or later
Change core databases Complete none
OCMod Support for Opencart v2.x or later
Modifies or override core files Complete none
Multi stores Yes
Multi languages Yes
Custom Opencart (code,theme) No guarantee
Mijoshop Compatibility No
Single Domain license: $69.00

Total Price: $69.00

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