Google reCaptcha

Google reCaptcha

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THE anti-spam solution from Google cloud services to get you traffic reports on your Google accounts. And to build a good brand with a solid reputation, you need to improve your security against any risks.This extension expands functions for important pages such as Review section, and Contact, Return, Register, Chectout, Customer & Admin Login pages, Affiliate Register page,  Affiliate Login page, Forgotten Password

  • User experience

    "Google reCaptcha" completely replaces the annoying old typing default Captcha. Don't make yur customers have to type tiny characters. Quick, simple and EFFECTIVE!
  • Select Google reCaptcha for any pages you really need

    "Google reCaptcha" is essential for your Opencart security, specially fraud request. You can select Review section on Product page and Contact, Return, Register, Customer & Admin Login pages.
  • Save lots of time and report traffic on your Google account

    "Google reCaptcha" uses a smart algorithm for anti-spam , savinge both admin and customer lots of time. It's great for tracking:  Google will report by chart according to your traffic and spam index.

Why do you need this module?

"Google reCaptcha" is used for anti-spam, abuse, fraud, hacks and tricks with a truly smart algorithm. Minimise the risks that can happen with request, comment, transaction on your Opencart store. To build a good brand with a solid reputation, you need to improve your security against any risks.

Release: 25/06/2015
Version v1.0


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Compatibility Default Opencart oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.6 , oc. , oc.1.5.5 , oc. , oc.1.5.4 , oc. , oc.1.5.3 , oc. , oc.1.5.2 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.1 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.0
Software platforms Opencart
VQMOD Yes, from VQMOD v2.5.1 or later
Change core databases Complete none
OCMod No
Modifies or override core files Never
Multi stores No need
Multi languages No need
Custom Opencart (code,theme) No guarantee
Mijoshop Compatibility No
Single Domain license: $20.00

Total Price: $20.00

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