Manufacturer Order Notification Email

Manufacturer Order Notification Email

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    Automate emails to suppliers and manufacturers- save yourself lots of time!

Easily configure this extension so that :

1. If a product has a SUPPLIER email, then sends to that address. If not, then sends to MANUFACTURER'S email address.
2.When a Manufacturer has an order Status, sends email based on that status value. Otherwise, uses Main Order status.

Additional features:
    ▪    Choose your  order status (can select multiples) from dropdown list  (cancelled, cancelled reversal, chargeback, etc etc)
    ▪    Choose whether or not to send a copy of Supplier’s email to another email address of your choice
    ▪    Choose to show pricing or not
    ▪    Choose to show order total or not
    ▪    Add as many manufacturers and suppliers as you like
    ▪    Enter additional email addresses, simply comma-separated, to receive a copy of the alert email
    ▪    Easily import and export files

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Software platforms Opencart
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OCMod Support for Opencart v2.x or later
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Single Domain license: $34.00

Total Price: $34.00

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