Mass Edit Order Status

Mass Edit Order Status

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Orders in Opencart

 This extension is specifically designed for use by admins to efficiently change order status in bulk or individually with just one click from the dashboard or order page.
 This significantly saves time compared to the default method in Opencart, where changes typically involve multiple steps in the order editing section.
☛ Salient Features:

 ☆ Simplified Order Management : Change order statuses with a single click from the Opencart dashboard or order page. No need to navigate into each individual order for editing as before.

 ☆ Time Savings : Helps admins, store owners, or sales staff save considerable time when updating order statuses. Instead of multiple steps to edit each order, changes can be completed with a simple action.

 ☆ Customer Notifications : Includes an option to automatically notify customers of any changes to their order status, maintaining better customer relationships.

 This extension not only optimizes order management but also provides an intuitive and efficient user interface. It ensures that the order status review process in the store operates more effectively, ensuring changes are made quickly and accurately.
 With its prominent features and benefits, this extension promises convenience and efficiency in order management for stores using the Opencart platform.

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Software platforms Opencart
Modifies or override core files No need
Single Domain license: $20.00

Total Price: $20.00

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