Position Below Header & Above Footer
Get MORE POSITIONS on your site to easily put in place any module you wish. Position below header.Position above footer. Free integration with other t...
Bookstore Theme
Bookstore Template is a professional and clean-looking flexible theme with integrated features of MMOS such as live search, tabs, cloud zoom, ......
Product Tabs Pro
Simplifies data entry by creating sections which then prevents you from forgetting to fill them in. Your customer will see expanding tabs clearly....
Smart Images Input Pro
Create folders quickly according to your desired structure. upload all images with one click. Great image management....
List All Products
Shows your all products and services according to 3 main criteria such as Best Seller, Most Viewed, Latest. This extension also provides layouts to sh...
Custom Email Template
Beautiful RESPONSIVE HTML email template for your Opencart. Show off more products on your emails! And UPSELL- what an opportunity!~...
Login To See Price
An awesome feature for professional stores. Only logged-in customers can see your special prices ! Multi hot product prices will be only shared with...
Custom meta title
One of THE most important tools for SEO OpenCart stores! Gives you a huge advantage in SEO for the default title of your Opencart system. MUCH better...
Computer Shop Bootstrap Template
Computer Shop Bootstrap Template enables your customers to view your site with responsive Twitter Bootstrap standard font, icon and fast loading javas...
New Positions
Expands your layouts on your Opencart for any specific purpose you choose. You might only need a small space to insert a map or special advertisement...
Insert Meta Tags
THE essential friendly solution to insert Meta, Script, Style tags for all Opencart pages. This helps you to verify third party services (Google & Bin...
Virtual Merchant payment gateway for Opencart
Virtual Merchant payment gateway for Opencart is an Payment extension for Opencart's site. You can see more
Login To See Special Price
Hide the SPECIAL price of all products to people not logged in. This makes people really interested in your store to have to sign up to get the specia...
Email Promotion Campaigns with Upsell
Helps you to send bulk newsletters, marketing emails, HTML emails with only one cronjob. An essential email broadcast system for you!...
$39.20 $49.00
Save $9.80
Product Stock Notifier
Provides a crucual retail solution for all Opencart stores. Your customers can sign up to be notified when a product is in stock. Keep your...
Product Short Description
Completely replace the Opencart default description. You'll definitely improve your product description on all those important pages such as featured,...
$12.00 $15.00
Save $3.00
Pickup at Store Location
Pickup At Stores Location Pro improves default Opencart delivery option with full HTML support. This improves user experience and makes them stay long...
Responsive Slideshow Pro
Brings an eye-catching and EASY animated marketing banner for your site. You'll be awed when you check out your new EYE-POPPING and PROFESSIONAL looki...
Facebook Comment
Wonderfully light and easy to use with commenting system integration with Facebook.Smart choose-and-show layout; and fix sharing...
Image Manager PRO
Supports multi selection and uploading of images with just one click. It's an essential productivity tool for Opencart!...
Switch Admin Languages
Adds a default dashboard button to the backend of your store. Upgrades multi languages to your backend, because even when you set multi languages in...
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