Product Stock Notifier

Product Stock Notifier

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Product Stock Notifier provides order notification solution for Opencart stores! Your customer can register email notifications themselves to get out-of-stock products as soon as possible. There is no reason to prvent them from buying a product which they really like, so they will be willing to wait if you can inform them by email. Of course, you also need to setup exact product status for specific selling purposes.

  • Easy receiving cronjob notifications as soon as possible

    Your store owns high quality and prestige products with many loyal customers. And they only want to buy your products without lack of amounts. There is no reason to prevent them from  buying a product which they really like, so they will be willing to wait if you can inform by email.
  • Auto mail merge

    Product Stock Notifier includes a mail merge with cronjob and HTTPS protocol support for both customers and website manager conveniently. Make email notification for customer, sales staff and website managers to also receive private emails to confirm sending status. You can also set limit amount of emails.
  • Highly HTML customization

    No difficulty in composing the best customization email template which you can use for all customers. Module provide a sample template and variable merge guide. You can insert logo, signature to broadcast your brand in each sending mails.
  • User experience

    Product Stock Notifier supports retail system brilliantly because you don't always have full products in stock. Email notification brings your customer trust and satisfaction with your store. Keep your customers happy!.
  • Multi stores

    Product Stock Notifier has fully basic option in setting multi stores. No matter in managing and uninstall modules out of all stores.
  • Multi languages

    This module contains language files which can be replaced in any category. It is so easy to clone the English package in your own language and modify to suit.

Why you need this module?

Product Stock Notifier provides a crucual retail solution for all Opencart stores. Your customers can sign up to be notified when a product is in stock. Customer database and your revenue will increase more quickly.

Release: 26/01/2015
Version v1.3

Fix bugs

Release: 28/12/2014
Version v1.0


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Compatibility Default Opencart oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.6 , oc. , oc.1.5.5 , oc. , oc.1.5.4 , oc. , oc.1.5.3 , oc. , oc.1.5.2 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.1 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.0 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.
Software platforms Opencart
VQMOD Yes, from VQMOD v2.5.1 or later
OCMod Support for Opencart v2.x or later
Modifies or override core files No need
Multi stores Yes
Multi languages Yes
Custom Opencart (code,theme) No guarantee
Single Domain license: $32.00

Total Price: $32.00

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