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Zoom Anywhere

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"Zoom Anywhere" upgrades the default preview animation on OpenCart into a dynamic professional feature. Three zoom types that can satisfy any customer exploring your site including zoom in, zoom out and lens zoom with preview carousel popup and mouse wheel integration. All these wonderful features are fully integratted in only one extension!

  • All pages

    "Zoom Anywhere" is fully featured for your professional store!
  • Draggable carousel

    Your customer can drag product images left or right by mouse or touch comfortably on any device. It's very professional and convenient for touch displays.
  • Mouse wheel zoom

    When you drag your mouse on the product images, the optional zoom effect you selected before will appear immediately. Mouse wheel can control zoom in and zoom out easily. It's so awesome!
  • User experience

    "Zoom Anywhere" brings a whole new user experience to your website! Your products can be zoomed out, detailed with optional magnifier. and combined with preview thumbnail mouse wheel popup.
  • Highly customizable

    Zoom Anywhere allows editing width, height, border and color border. Quick transition is  great for viewers to save time. You can optionally hide zoom and helper buttons .
  • Social network buttons

    It's so convenient when your customer can click social network buttons as soon as they view product images. The buttons appear at the corner of preview border.
  • Compatible

    Zoom Anywhere is  compatible with most customized themes . Please give your echnical details to us to get suppor as possible.

Why do you need this module?

Zoom Anywhere replaces that default preview image of OpenCart.This improves user experience and makes customers stay longer on your site. Viewers will love watching your products so much more quickly conveniently without those annoying mouse clicks.

Release: 22/02/2015
Version v3.0


Release: 09/02/2015
Version v2.0

Fix bugs

Release: 02/11/2014
Version v1.0


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Compatibility Default Opencart oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.6 , oc. , oc.1.5.5 , oc. , oc.1.5.4 , oc. , oc.1.5.3 , oc. , oc.1.5.2 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.1 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.0 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.
VQMOD Yes, from VQMOD v2.5.1 or later
OCMod Support for Opencart v2.x or later
Modifies or override core files No need
Multi stores Yes
Multi languages Yes
Custom Opencart (code,theme) No guarantee
Single Domain license: $34.90

Total Price: $34.90

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