Design your products box: FREE

Design your products box: FREE

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Design your products box: FREE allows you to create unlimited free boxes with HTML5 & CSS3 support, which can appear anywhere on Opencart layouts. Products in free boxes can be optionally selected and used for many purposes such as recommended, cheapest, latest, hottest, newest, top, highest rating, comparison with, bestseller, most popular. And of course, modules concerned with Opencart such as blog, news which are great to use for broadcast campaign.

  • Optionally selected products and boxes content

    Design products box: FREE extension for creating unlimited boxes, with product set by you with description. You can create fake bestseller, latest, newest box too!
  • User experience

    Design your products box: FREE makes selecting products easier. Help your customers to find cheapest or latest products, for example.
  • Compatible

    Design your products box: is compatible with most customized themes. Please give technical feedback to us to get supported timely as soon as possible.
  • Multi stores

    Unlimited Product Boxes has full basic options in setting multi stores. No problem in managing and uninstalling modules out of all stores.
  • Multi languages

    This module contains language files which can be replaced in any category. It is so easy to clone English package in your own language and modify in private manner.

Why you need this module?

Design your products box: FREE is specially good for stores with consumable products. It's quick and simple to see newest products immediately on homepage. Easy comparison from product images will allow your customers to conveniently find cheapest or latest products, or whatever header you choose.

Release: 12/08/2014
Version v1.0


Release: 28/12/2014
Version v2.0

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Compatibility Default Opencart oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.6 , oc. , oc.1.5.5 , oc. , oc.1.5.4 , oc. , oc.1.5.3 , oc. , oc.1.5.2 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.1 , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc. , oc.1.5.0
Software platforms Opencart
VQMOD Yes, from VQMOD v2.5.1 or later
OCMod Support for Opencart v2.x or later
Modifies or override core files No need
Multi stores Yes
Multi languages Yes
Custom Opencart (code,theme) No guarantee
Single Domain license: $20.00

Total Price: $20.00

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